Different Ways to Take Advantage of the E-mail Features of Excel

13 May

One way to send e-mail from Excel is to the use the Mail Merge Wizard which is only available in Excel 2000 and later versions (called the Mail Merge Helper in Excel 2000). The Mail Merge Wizard simplifies the batch creation of letters, sending of e-mail messages, creating postal mailing labels, labeling envelopes for postal mail, and creating directory lists. You can find more detailed information about the Mail Merge Wizard by reading the Excel help topic titled Create a Word mail merge with Excel data.

Another way to use the e-mail features of Excel are with the code samples discussed in this article. In addition to augmenting your own code, you can use the samples provided here as a starting point to better help you understand how you can send as e-mail the various objects and data in your own worksheets and workbooks. Several samples also include alternate ways of modifying the code to send just the piece of information you want.

Yet another way to send mail is to use the SendMail 2.0 add-in utility created by Ron de Bruin. The SendMail 2.0 utility gives you the ability to send all or part of a workbook either in working format or with just the values of the current data and formulas. Once you install SendMail 2.0, to access these features, click Tools, and then click SendMail.




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